Spring is Arriving!

Have you noticed the birds singing earlier in the mornings and the occasional tree starting to blossom? As the ground begins to warm, seeds that were scattered in autumn begin to germinate. The same happens for us as humans also; the growth and seeding we accomplished in the last year begins to awaken after dormancy over the winter period.

With the arrival of spring energy, begin to notice your energy returning, and allow the new growth to emerge inside of yourself. If you need to attend to ‘clearing the ground’ inside of yourself to allow this growth to germinate and emerge more easily; do so. There may be emotions which have laid dormant over winter which are now rising with your increasing energy.

I find, within my work, that spring is a time when many people may feel an upheaval inside of themselves; they may be feeling emotions which have been buried for awhile. This may be a scary or unsettling experience, especially when these emotions are connected to something which may have happened many years ago- there’s a belief in our society that we should just ‘get over things’ and ‘get on with it’. Sometimes we need help to do this.

Within my work, I also find Spring is the time of year when people have great energy and enthusiasm for new growth or projects. Sometimes this growth or project will be external and sometimes it will be an internal undertaking- (or a combination of both!) In our culture, the external achievements are usually the ones which are more recognised and celebrated. But think how lovely it would be to focus on an’ internal project’ for yourself, for example being less anxious and more contented, or to better learn how to really support yourself so that you had increased, consistent energy for those relationships in your life which matter most to you; whether that be your partner, your child, your friend or your garden.

How to focus your energy into growing sustainable and satisfying ‘produce’ for yourself in your life is a great thing to be able to do.  Spring is the start of the growing season and we have the opportunity to also use this energy to extend ourselves.

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