Autumn Workshop: The Sustainable Self in Autumn

Halfday Workshop

Saturday 10th April 2010

For man, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together.
For nature, it is a time of sowing, of scattering abroad.

Edwin Teale

Autumn is traditionally a time of Harvest. It’s the time of year when we gather the “fruits” of what we’ve nurtured, grown and discovered. This can be both an internal and an external process. If we pay attention to ourselves during this Autumn season, we can reap particularly rich rewards.
You are invited to this workshop, to connect with yourself and with others and to celebrate Autumn upon our beautiful Earth. We will also connect with this Autumn inside ourselves.  We will reflect on what we have grown and nurtured to ripeness within our lives and what we can enjoy more fully about ourselves. What might we want to prune to encourage growth, and what we may want to prepare for sowing next Spring?
We will begin to consider the reclaiming of our external energy in conscious preparation for Winter’s hibernation.

•    What are the fruits of this past growing season for you? We will take some time for you to gather, acknowledge, and harvest your ‘bounty’; to acknowledge and appreciate your growth over the past months.
•    Pruning: let’s focus on what needs pruning back in your life, to consciously assist the growth you’d like to encourage next spring. Do you need additional support to make these changes?
•    What have your efforts seeded? There is a new growing season next spring- where would you like to specifically direct your growth?
•    Nurturing and feeding: autumn is also a preparation time for winter. How do you need to pay attention to your changing energy levels now and nurture yourself, so that you might better support yourself as you move into winter?

When:   Saturday 10th April 2010
9.00am – 1.00 pm (includes a shared lunch)

Please bring food for an ‘autumn bounty’ lunch,wear comfy  clothes and shoes suitable for outside

Where: Flescher Room, Avebury House
9 Evelyn Cousins Ave (off Nth Avon Rd, Richmond)

Fee:     $55.00

Registrations close: Thursday 8th April.
To register: Phone 03/365 0483, or send your name and contact details (inc. phone numbers and email address) with payment made to N. Falconer, to LifeWorks Counselling, P.O. Box 26-103, Christchurch, or via my email on the contacts page of this site.

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