Here are some generalised comments and feedback which people have said about their sessions with Nickei:

  • You are a warm and understanding person and I feel like you really ‘get’ what I’m saying. I felt it was safe to talk about what was going on for me without being judged.
  • It’s good to come and talk to someone who can understand me and help me sort through the tangle of stuff in my head.
  • I love that we laughed in our sessions! I didn’t expect that.
  • I was amazed that as we attended to the different realms of me that I began to feel SO much better! I didn’t realise that my physical health was contributing to me feeling so low emotionally- but it made sense. i was surprised how quickly I started to feel better. From our work together, I now know how I need to look after myself, and that’s such a relief.
  • I had been living with this buildup of emotional blah for years, like a lump of heaviness inside me, and although I’d tried hard to get rid of it, I couldn’t. I thought I’d just have to live with it. By teasing it out together, I realised what I could let go of and WE DID IT!!! Thank you. It’s so good to feel freer inside myself.
  • Nickei, you could gently meet me in the places I was stuck and with your skill, skill, skill, huge heart, warmth and compassion, we could resolve the sadness I’d been carrying for years-for all of my adult life.
  • I liked I could explore my possibilities! You had a very practical way of working.
  • I thought that I behaved and felt like I did because it was just the way I was; that it was my personality. Working with you Nickei, gave me new ways to look at myself and at the things that had happened to me when I was growing up, and I could try new ways of doings things which were much better for me. I feel much happier inside myself and with my life.
  • I felt really comfortable with you and I liked your room.
  • Coming to our sessions was quite challenging sometimes because I never knew what I would discover and that wasn’t easy.  I felt safe with you though. You were friendly. I liked your insight and that we laughed together.  I also liked the metaphors you’d share-they made sense to me.
  • Working with you Nickei was the most singularly profound healing experience I have ever had!  I feel so incredibly grateful. Thank you; you really have been a gift to me.
  • I really appreciated Nickei’s ability to observe me and listen deeply to what I was saying about my work, relationships, and life in general, and reflect it back to me in a slightly different light so that I had a new and sometimes quite powerful perspective or metaphor to contemplate.
  • I have learnt a lot about the nature of my own wisdom.
  • Thank you for your invaluable support, your instant understanding, your thoughtful and gentle challenges and for acknowledging the Brave in me!!
  • I never realised that listening to myself could help me to feel better-it sounds so obvious, but I just didn’t realise! I didn’t know how to or that it was important. Learning how to do that has been great. Thanks.
  • Oh God, I was so depressed. I felt like I was down the bottom of a dark hole and all alone. I loved that I could get out of the hole and learn more about how to help myself to stay out!! What a relief.
  • You really listened to me.
  • In our sessions, I had the freedom and support and tender care with intuitive guidance needed to help me get to my desired health that was needed for my next part of my journey. I felt I could rely on your support at any time and still feel that way.
  • I liked that you helped me to get to know myself better. I like who I am.

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