Autumn 2015

Well being: Autumn 2015

Start to listen to your body as you begin to move into the Autumn season. As the days begin to shorten our energy draws inwards in preparation for Winter. We often forget, in our busy world, that we are also a part of nature. Like the other living things within the world (other creatures and the plants), our bodies  and energy levels respond to the seasons.

Move your body through exercise, dance or activity. Cleanse with fresh, raw foods including leafy greens, beetroot and carrot (to cleanse the liver), in preparation for Winter’s rest. Drink lots of water.

Often people feel crap emotionally, because their physical systems are incredibly low in energy. By attending to the health of our bodies, we create a physical sustainability. This supports our emotional well-being. Because we live in a world which tends to compartmentalise rather than look at synergies, we forget that there is an intimate balance between our physical mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.

If you are feeling tired, or having sleeping difficulties, are lacking motivation and energy and/or are finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning, look into recovering your adrenals. Some good naturopathic support can be a great investment into your overall well-being. There has been a lot of exhaustion and ‘burnt out’ people in Christchurch, especially over the past four years. You are not necessarily depressed. And it is possible to recover.


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