Free Earthquake Counselling

Earthquake related issues come in many different forms. You may have ongoing fear and anxiety due to what you experienced in the quakes; this is still common for many people. People are also still experiencing stress, burnout, feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, and feelings of ‘what’s the use’.  Often this can show as decreased tolerance- having a “short fuse”, and/or bouts of crying. You may be more forgetful or unable to concentrate like you usually do. Many people report they are waking in the night doing ‘head-miles’ and are unable to go back to a deep, refreshing sleep; they wake feeling exhausted and drag themselves from bed.

When we don’t feel energised and hopeful, many areas of life are affected: our relationships, our social life, our sex life, our work and our internal feeling of well-being.

We have a ‘harden up and get on with it” mentality in NZ which can make it difficult for people to talk about what they’re struggling with. It seems so long after, but studies show that residents of an affected area will experience emotional impacts and often physical depletion, for two years after a natural disaster.

All of these above could be because of the earthquakes and the resultant impacts from the quakes (immediate housing challenges, insurance hassles, changes in job, children’s schools etc). Four free sessions of counselling for earthquake related impacts are available and can help immensely.  These can be arranged directly through me- you don’t have to go to your Doctor first. Give me a call 365 0483 to see if you’re eligible.






Spring is here; the time of year for new growth and emergence. The earth warms and wakes, the trees start to bud, the birds start to sing differently and to build their nests.

We humans, mammals that we are, respond to this shift in the seasons and the returning of light and energy, even if we are not consciously aware of it. This is the time of year when we begin to have a little more energy as we emerge from the hibernation time of winter. We can often be vulnerable in our health. Like a seedling emerging in a cold spring wind, we need to take care of ourselves at this time.

Spring is also a time when new growth deep within us, pushes up towards the light; towards being known within us and through the expression of who we are. Think of a flower, sending up it’s growth, before the flowering and blooming occurs- it’s the same natural process, and part of being alive. During spring, we may feel unsettled, excited, impatient, hopeless, thrilled, vulnerable and/or scared as we feel ourselves internally shift. We may become aware of ‘old branches of growth’ which need pruning, in order to make way for our new growth to flourish.

In the same way you might care for a seedling you are wanting to nurture and encourage, take care of yourself. You are worth it; support your flourishing. The basics are important: good nourishing food, plenty of sleep, and regular physical movement so that your heat beats faster and your blood starts moving. Take some time to sit in the spring sun, to bask and rest a little.  If you feel congested in your feelings, take some time to express this, (whether that be by writing, talking, crying or by undertaking some physical activity).

In the same way you might plan, plant and nurture a beautiful garden, do this for your own inner self; your inner ecology. You can support and direct your growth- and can be supported as you do this.

The world requires more beauty, not less. Flourish!


Earthquake Funding Available:

Funding for 4-6 counselling sessions may be available until December 2011, for those people recovering from impacts of the earthquake. Please ring me to see if you would be eligible for this: 365 0483

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