Christmas and Summer

We are so fortunate living in New Zealand, to have our Christmas time in the summer, when the garden is abundant with fruit and vegetables; what gifts!  When we can spend time outside in the sun, swimming or walking or playing games, or lying in the shade of a tree with a good book -or having a snooze! When we can have the tent or a bach, by a beautiful lake or beach, or deep in the bush, and have the experience of ‘getting back to nature’; watching the change in the clouds, or the shifts in the wind….somehow our body relaxes just a little more as we reconnect.

This year for Christmas, consider the gifts that are all around you. Who are the people you love, that you are sharing time and space with at the moment? Soak in your environments; where do you find yourself? In Hindu mythology, the god Shiva’s dance is creation: he dances life into tangible form. Just imagine if Shiva stopped dancing, and all those small miracles of creation which are happening RIGHT NOW around you, would pause (or stop…). Take a moment to notice the Christmas gifts in the ordinary/extraordinary world around you; breathe in the creation that is all around you; that you are a part of.

Many people this year have had to rise to new challenges and situations. We in Christchurch have lived through an earthquake, and many, many people have been shaken up – externally, but internally as well: from old ideas or behaviours, and old ways of being in the world. Many people have taken courageous steps to make positive, sustainable changes within themselves, to create resilient, sturdy foundations within themselves, so they can trust themselves more. This is admirable work- the ‘sloughing off’ and changing, (whether the changes are internal or external), asks for the involvement of our energy, and that can be an exacting dance of creation for us at times!

Thank you to those people with whom I’ve had the priviledge of working with this year.

Much love to you all over these Summer days and evenings. May your dances of creation be sweet and bright.

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