When might counselling help?

Many people experience difficulties within their lives, and often don’t have the skills to deal with the specific situation. When this happens it’s easy to feel that you can’t cope and that problems are ‘out of hand’. By using counselling to help you take on new ideas and learn new skills, you have the opportunity to make changes which can satisfy you and make you feel happier with your life.

I like to work with my clients to improve their sustainability- on physical, mental and emotional levels. By working with each of the realms in this triad, you’ll consciously grow and sustain your well being.

Often an accumulation or buildup of past experiences can contribute to you feeling ‘not quite right’. It can be puzzling that something which may have happened many years ago can still be having an impact- especially if friends or family members have urged you to ‘put the past behind you’ and ‘get over it’.  People often need to have the perspective of being a little older to be able to deal with something that happened when they were younger. Counselling can help by being a safe, professional setting where you can talk about whatever you want to, without feeling you are upsetting or ‘burdening’ family members of friends.

Many people are also dissatisfied with the way their life is. They feel they should be happy because of what they have in their lives, but they aren’t. They suspect there may be more to life than there is, but are unsure of how to find it…or even if they have a right to do so!

Or, you may experience one or more of the following:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • An ongoing physical complaint
  • Feeling dreadful or ‘dread-filled’
  • Negative voices in your head which confuse you or undermine your accomplishments.
  • Feeling exhausted and like you have no energy for either your work or home life
  • Stressed/burnt-out
  • Eating and /or body image difficulties and issues
  • A feeling that you’re ‘revving at the lights’ but are unsure of where to direct your energy/how to engage in your life purpose
  • Low self esteem and confidence
  • A feeling that there is a ‘black hole’ inside of you
  • A feeling that you are not really ‘at home’ within yourself- an unsettled feeling or a sense that everyone else has got it together but you’re just ‘winging it’ trying to put on a good public show.
  • A feeling of porridge in your veins; a difficulty getting moving and motivated and doing the things you might want to accomplish
  • Difficulty with making confident decisions about yourself and your life
  • Ongoing relationship and/or parenting difficulties
  • Feelings of futility and/or hopelessness
  • Unresolved grief and loss
  • A feeling you’re sitting on a volcano of anger which might erupt if you’re not careful
  • A feeling of dissatisfaction at work. Or a feeling you’re not working to your potential or have found the work that is right for you

You may want to make changes but have no idea of how to.

Some sessions can help to clarify that, to untangle the mess and to begin to get clearer.

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