Half Day Workshop

Many people want to be happier or more content within; they feel something integral is missing in their life. The prevalence of stress and depression in our culture highlights how many people are feeling this internal dissatisfaction.

Trying to live life using only thinking skills to cope denies the wisdom that resides within your feelings and emotions; you’re only using half the tools in your toolbox. In this workshop you will begin experiencing a sturdier sense of self by tapping into this wisdom.

In this workshop we will begin to:

  • Explore a model of human experience which includes our feelings
  • Identify how feelings have become to be considered the ‘bad guy’ in our culture
  • Explore your inner and outer strengths: both your self supports and environmental supports.
  • Experience how to better identify and support your feelings, and how to grow in your ability and confidence in maintaining a sustainable, sturdy sense of self
  • Interdependency: Increase your skills for a fuller relationship with yourself, your environment and your interactions with others.
  • We will experiment with reason, logic, feelings, intuition and humour as tools within this process.

This 4 hour workshop is primarily focused on self experience. It is also suitable for those people working in a professional capacity with others. An ongoing Sustainable Self development group is offered for participants wanting to continue with their exploration.

When and where: by arrangement. I love to travel so invite me!!

To register your interest, please email me or send your contact details (inc. cellphone & email address):  Nickei 03/365 0483 or  nickeifalconer@hotmail.com


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