The Sustainable Self

We are currently faced with major considerations of ecological sustainability. Sustainability can also be built from personal levels; in fact this is crucial to wider sustainable change. How you relate to yourself and the internal balance you create with(in) yourself will change your relationship with yourself, and by association with others, and your environment.

Sustainability is about relating; the inter-relatedness you have with your self and interdependence with something other than yourself.

If you want to change your life, improve the inner relationship you have with yourself. Easy words, but how do we do that? An effective way is by identifying and acknowledging our feelings. In our western culture we are taught to be goal oriented and to be focused on the future, which is useful when we want to achieve and plan. Thinking skills and rational/logical processes are really valued in our culture, and deservedly so- we can achieve a lot from these skills. However, our feeling experiences are not as highly valued. We are not taught skills to identify and deal with our emotions, nor are we really culturally supported in having them. I am inviting you to increase your awareness within yourself as you inter-relate with the world. We need to relearn the skills to work with our inner selves and our feelings. Inner sustainability is grown when we learn how to support the synergy of our physical, emotional and our mental realms of being. Often people feel dreadful/dread-filled because they’re physically under-resourced. Often they feel dreadful because they haven’t paid paid attention to their feelings and learnt how to identify, support and express themselves with their emotional experiences.

When we don’t learn how to attend to our emotional experiences (or they’re overwhelming), they build up. We don’t stop having emotions, we just get ‘gunked’ by the accumulation of feelings that have been suppressed. The suppressed/unexpressed emotions create an internal imbalance. Recall how you feel lighter (albeit tired) after a good cry. I suspect the prevalence of anxiety and depression in our culture is, in part, a result of our cultural tendency to ignore emotions. The unexpressed emotions often becomes the heavy feeling we identify as depression and medicate.

Many people who feel gunked up with emotion will feel unconfident. Having this internal buildup inside without knowing how to deal with the experience can be scary. When people have a tumult of feelings inside, they often think there is something wrong with them-that if they were ‘normal’ they wouldn’t be experiencing emotion. This can contribute to someone not feeling good within them-self and therefore not feeling good with them-self. It’s easy to confuse our internal experience for who we are. All of us have probably confused ‘feeling bad’ with ‘being bad’.

Building a sturdy, sustainable enjoyable experience of self is often what people are yearning to do without having the faintest idea where to start. Inner sustainability is grown when we learn how to support the synergy of our physical, emotional and our mental realms of being; it’s work I love to do with my clients.

I also offer short talks on “The Sustainable Self”- see the link below for more info.

I’m open to responding to participants needs both within that and after that:

  • individual one to one work
  • a group of people may want to create an ongoing group following a Sustainable Self talk, to work on concepts presented in a more personally in-depth way.

The Sustainable Self: “Small talk”
Sharing common ground for two hours.

Sustainable Self Workshop
Half day workshop: feeding the ground you grow from.

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