Workshop: Growing your Physical Sustainability

Saturday 10 February

9.00am to 4.00pm

Feel like you’re sometimes trying to bike through life on flat tyres?


Your thinking and feeling are significantly affected by the energy (or exhaustion) of your body. Your sustainability is housed within your body. If you feel stressed, overwhelmed, self-critical, are lacking energy, are wired but not energised, aren’t sleeping well, can’t be bothered doing anything, aren’t enjoying life or you feel anxious, jumpy, weepy or quick-fused… then your energy is not sustainable. You may want more knowledge, skills and support to grow your sustainable health and wellbeing.

Nickei, Carol and Mana are three experienced, well-being focussed practitioners. We’re collaborating to bring our skills, experience, passion and knowledge to support you to learn.

In this workshop:

  • overview the Sustainable Self model within the current epidemic and eco-crisis of our developed world. We’ll explore how physical exhaustion can be labelled as a mental illness, contributes to erosive thinking and to feeling emotionally blah. We’ll begin growing your Sustainable Self with Nickei Falconer (counsellor and psychotherapist, LifeWorks Counselling)
  • relax into movement, with a session of Pilates based movement led by Mana Fleming (Pilates and fitness instructor with CCC).
  • learn how to recover and resource your body with information from Carol Birch (Naturopath)
  • gain new considerations regarding empowering yourself and growing your physical sustainability
  • be nourished within the lovely gardens of the Mary Potter Community Centre
  • join with others for support and collaboration within a small group setting; limited to twenty participants
  • enjoy delicious, nourishing morning and afternoon teas, and lunch!
  • experience and learn new information which will give you the opportunity to ‘choose well’ for yourself

Where:              Mary Potter Community Centre, 442 Durham Street North, Christchurch


Fee:                    Earlybird $98.00            (payment by 19 January)                                                                                                       $120.00                           (on or after 20 January)


To register:      or for more information, email Nickei






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