The Sustainable Self Workshop Series

The Sustainable Self Workshops:

We see our planet is in a state of eco-crisis. Many people today are also experiencing an eco-crisis within the small planet of their body. So many clients in my therapy practice present with ‘mental illness’, when they’re actually burnt-out or under-nourished. People generally aren’t taught skills or encouraged to look after themselves, and consequently, we’re collectively experiencing an epidemic of ill health and mental illness. When we’re feeling better, REALLY feeling better, that’s from growing our sustainability and sturdy wellbeing.

There’s a fundamental relationship within your personal bio-diversity that you can learn to support and nourish:

  • the homebase of your body; your physical self
  • your thinking self and
  • your feeling self.

Join me in this series of 3 connected workshops to learn about growing your Sustainable Self:


Workshop 1:          Growing your Physical Sustainability

Saturday 10 February 2018


Workshop 2:          Growing Sustainability within your Feelings

Saturday 17 March 2018


Workshop 3:          Growing Sustainability within your Thinking

Saturday 14 April 2018


To register or for more information, please contact me:


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